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Regional Risk Assessments (RRAs) are a part of the Sustainable Biomass Program’s (SBP’s) approach to identifying and mitigating risks associated with sustainably sourcing fibre (feedstock) for biomass pellet and wood chip production. These SBP-endorsed RRAs evaluate an entire geographic region and determine the risks associated with sourcing feedstock from that region. This ensures consistency between Biomass Producers’ risk assessments and eliminates the need for the Producers to conduct individual risk assessments.

The 42 SBP Indicators cover a range of ecological, social, and economic requirements that must be evaluated within the Supply Base Area. Once the RRA is endorsed by SBP,  each Biomass producer must use the results to complete a Supply Base Evaluation. The Evaluation is to demonstrate the Producer’s compliance with the RRA’s findings and implement mitigation measures to manage any specified risks. 

An independent Working Body mandated by SBP facilitates the risk assessment to ensure that relevant laws, policies and practices, and practical knowledge of forestry in each province are accurately captured in each RRA. Information is compiled from the experience and knowledge of consultants, interviews with experts, applicable legislation, reports from provincial authorities and other stakeholders, various databases, and statistical data sources. Stakeholders are consulted in the process, and information is obtained verbally and from written public and private sources.

Have Your Say

Interested in providing input on the 42 SBP Indicators, ranging from biodiversity and ecosystem protection to ensuring traditional and civil rights?

The Working Body will soon be seeking Stakeholders’ input on the Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia RRAs. Visit each province’s page for more information and to register to be notified when the comment period is open. 

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